Graphic Design 1 is a CTE (Career Technical Education) course that introduces and emphasizes the development of professional design skills in visual communication, graphic design and layout. The course incorporates project-based learning and is constructed so that each unit builds and prepares the student to be applied in subsequent units. A rigorous framework of reading, writing, class discussion and design exercises enable each student to master a foundation of techniques and skills they apply to assigned projects using page-layout or image-editing software. Students will learn the principles and elements of visual design; they will acquire an awareness and appreciation for contemporary design in today’s global environment, and learn to value the nuances of graphic communication. The course objective is to enable unique and effective, critical and creative problem solving skills to organize students for an entry-level career or for more advanced studies in graphic communications that concentrate on topics introduced in this course. 
The objective of this class is to become proficient in the technical competencies of digital imaging software while demonstrating artistic skills through the production of aesthetically effective and compelling graphics. The portfolio of work that students develop will demonstrate a broad range of industry related skills. An understanding of both the technical and artistic/aesthetic implication of the medium utilized is articulated.
As a result of taking this class, you should be able to:
Projects and assignments will be assigned throughout the course and will be both individually driven and require group collaboration. Projects and Assignments will directly support the development of technical skills related to course subjects including, but not limited to:
Advanced work, copyright issues, curriculum guide, CTE demoreel, Design Principles TMCC, design test images. Students should demonstrate a consistent effort, have innovative ideas, complete their work on time and show that they are dedicated to creating quality work. Designs should demonstrate that the elements of art and principles of design were thoughtfully employed. Techniques are progressively introduced and developed during the course, allowing each student the opportunity to develop their own style of accomplishing a visual solution. Students will receive a grade for work completed during each progress report period. Points will be deducted for late work. A cumulative grade is assigned at the end of the semester. 
Work will be reviewed and graded based on:
Students earn points per finished exercise assignment or project. Students also earn points toward final grades based on:Point Scale:
A = 90-100     All major and minor goals achieved. ALL assignments are turned in on time.
B = 80-89     All major goals achieved; some minor ones not.
C = 70 – 79    All major goals achieved; many minor ones not.
D = 60 – 69     A few major goals achieved, but student is not prepared for advanced work
F = 0 – 59    None of the major goals achieved. Most assignments are turned in late or not at all.