Learn to Program Self-Driving Cars (and Help Duckies Commute) With Lego EV# Robotics


Autonomous Driving 140 million miles away


Teachers may use what robots they have on-hand at their site.This lesson will be using Lego EV3 robots only because that is what we have multiple setups for. This lesson can be applied to many kinds of smart robots.

This lesson is divided into two phases, the first phase students will program their rovers to follow step-by-step instructions to avoid obstacles and retrieve minerals. In the second phase, students will program sensors attached to rover programmed to avoid obstacles, and retrieve minerals. Students will be divided into groups of six and tasked with programing their rover to navigate a course without crashing on mars. This task requires a basic understanding of the challenges involved in ev3 programming and the importance of engineering a rover that can drive a distance on Mars.


Subject & Grade Level: Science, 8th Grade

Length: 5 50-minute class periods


At the conclusion of this lesson students will be able to:

Design an Autonomous rover that can navigate a course and retrieve minerals on its own.

Key Questions